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Bedroom Gray Color Ideas

You can give the room a bright, roomy feel with the light bedroom color ideas. A perfect option for any room in your home is wood furniture as it has a natural, classic look. An especially attractive wood for bedroom furniture is Pine. Deciding the correct colors to match up with your pine bedroom set is the key. Create the feel that you want for your bedroom to match the amber or yellow tones in pine with some diverse types of colors.

Blue Bedroom Color Ideas

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Green Bedroom Color Ideas


Create calm, soothing mood in bedrooms using colors with cool undertones. For the walls and other detail pieces all over the room, perfect cool bedroom color ideas are green paired with pine furniture. Paint your wall look with a gray-green shade if you want slightly neutral with green. If there is a bold amber or golden hint in your pine furniture, it is best to use olive green. Yet, mint green or sage is ideal on your walls for a delicate, conventional look. Window treatments, throw pillows, bedding and other accessories would be perfect with emerald, Kelly, and hunter bolder greens.

Bedroom Color Ideas

Bedroom Color Ideas Nice

Bedroom Color Ideas Modern Blue

Soft Neutrals

You are limited to a soft, subdued look to contrast between your bedroom walls and light wood pine furniture. You can make the space look bigger and more open in your small bedroom with light bedroom color ideas. Pale neutral shades won’t conflict with the wood or any other details shades that you decide to exercise in the room making them an ideal option. But, if placed near to the amber or yellow hints in pine furniture, white can appear a bit bare though it is a classic neutral wall shade. Try adding your bedroom walls beige, cream, or ivory as softer neutrals instead. Pine furniture may match well with a soft gray.

Bedroom Color Ideas Ideas

Bedroom Color Ideas For Young Women

Bedroom Color Ideas For Teenage Girls


Bedroom walls would work well in cool undertones such as blue. Give calming look to the whole space and balance your pine furniture look with your walls in the right blue shade. Blue-gray work with a range of details shades because there is some neutral undertones in this soft shade. If you feel like to make your bedroom look bigger, consider a robin’s egg or sky blue for even lighter shades. Paint your walls a delicate aqua color for a considerably brighter look. Create a little contrast for bedroom color ideas with the pastel wood and walls to provide as accents with richer blue or darker shades such as indigo, cobalt, navy and turquoise for the accessories.

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Bedroom Color Ideas Brown

Bedroom Color Ideas Awesome

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